Saturday, March 14, 2015

Decorating Tips and Ideas~

For this blog, I am going to be blogging about decorating tips and ideas that will help you decorate different spaces with different techniques. Lets get started!
Decorating helps maintain the character of a room instead of making it too modern. Decorating helps your space seem more appealing to others and helps set the mood. 
Tips for decorating:
~ Doing simple DIY decorations can is a good way to not blow your budget.
~ Add function by decorating in a specific manner, and not over decorate.
~ Decorating with a specific color scheme or theme is the best way to decorate successfully.
~ Try to stay with the homes specific character or theme.
~ Decorating with lights can present the room with a warm mood and give the room a great glow. 
Decorating with these tips with help you create a great mood and theme for a room. It also helps make the room stand out and unique. My next blog will be about furnishing the room the right way. Thanks for reading!       ~XOXO  Ellie

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Feature Walls~

For this blog, I'm going to be blogging about feature walls and what they do to spaces. Lets get started!
A feature wall is an interior design style where one wall in a room is decorated to standout from other walls. Feature walls make rooms standout and can make a statement.The treatment is usually something colorful and bold that contrasts strongly with the rest of the room's theme. Wallpaper is a popular way to do a feature wall because its easy and can quickly cover large walls with strong design patterns. Feature walls are very fun and creative, you can basically get a patter you like and go with it! My next blog is going to be about decorating and where to place the right decor. Thanks for reading!         ~XOXO Ellie

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Adding Character~

  For this blog, I'm going to be blogging about ways to put character into your spaces. Lets get started!
Ways to Add Character:
~ Add wall paneling- For a vintage/country look.
~ Coffered ceilings- For a historic look and feel. 
~ Add built-ins- for organization and a historic look.
~ Bookcases- For just the right amount of antique and unique look.
~ Window seats- For extra storage and a modern historic look.
~ Adding unique doors (Barn doors, french doors etc.)- For a different look and feel in each room.
~ Mixing antiques and modern things- For different contrast and balance in each room.
  Using and applying these tips to different rooms will add different contrast and balance to each room, and keep it interesting. For my next blog, I'm going to be blogging about furnishing your spaces. Thanks for reading!      ~XOXO Ellie

Friday, January 16, 2015

Painting Walls~

    For this blog, I'm going to blogging about the methods to successfully painting your walls. Lets get started!
    First, the order you would paint is doing the ceiling, wall and then woodwork ( woodwork meaning doors and architecture). Painting in this order is very important. Next, preparing. All methods require getting your room ready and prepared to get freshly painted. Third, depending on the room you can mix the method up a little on what you do first. 
    Painting Tips:
- Always stick to lighter colors. Dark colors tend to crowd out rooms.
- Dark colors should only be used on feature walls ( I'll save feature walls for another blog.)
- Be creative, mix and match colors to show uniqueness.
   Using this method and tips will help you paint successfully and add space to your rooms. My next blog is going to be about adding character to your spaces and making them unique. Thanks for reading!    ~ XOXO Ellie 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Basics of design~

For this blog I'm going to be teaching/telling you the basic elements of deign. Lets get started!
8 Basic elements:
~ line- use for dividing space or drawing eye to a location.
~ color- use to create depth and add uniqueness.
~ shape- use to define areas and add unique value to spaces.
~ space- use to create overall image. 
~ texture- use to add patterns and apply texture.
~ scale- use to size objects and add interest to them. 
~ emphasizing objects- use to add focal point to space.
~ balance- use for eye-catching purposes and to round everything together.
All of these elements you will use in every design you will ever do. These elements will help you add depth and character to your space. My next blog is going to be about what order you should design in. Thanks for reading!       ~XOXO Ellie  

Friday, December 19, 2014


Today I'm going to be blogging about what I'm going to be blogging about and my goals with this blog. First, this blog is going to be about step-by-step instructions on how to creatively design your own rooms and spaces by yourself, and also how to make DIY projects easier but still creative. I'm very excited to start blogging and sharing new things with you guys! Thanks for reading! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy new Year!    ~XOXO  Ellie